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Join us on the corner of Broadway and Powell in San Francisco for hot drinks and cold desserts!

Serving artisan Intelligentsia coffee, incredible mochi waffles, amazing ice cream, delicious sandwiches, and more!


1401 Powell Street

San Francisco, CA  94133

E  /  Enterthecafe@gmail.com

​T  /  (415) 967-3276

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We are proud to be serving delicious goods from these creative and innovative businesses:

Provider of exceptional coffee and pioneer of the direct trade practices with coffee bean growers.  Every year, Intelligentsia’s team travels the globe, sourcing new grower relationships and working with our existing farmer relationships.  Intelligentsia also ties adherence to sustainable farming and environmental practices with a commitment to paying above Fair Trade prices for truly outstanding coffee. This ensures responsible stewardship of the land, and a sustainable business model for our farmers, resulting in partnerships that thrive year after year.

blends and custom crafts the world’s finest organic teas and botanicals. Their teas are carefully selected directly from growers, each one offering a unique story.  Through direct import, AoT maintains a fresh and continuously replenished inventory year round which AoT then hand blends, custom crafts and packs by hand.

A staple of San Francisco, Mitchell's Ice Cream has been serving premium ice cream flavors for over 60 years.  They have a wide range of 40 flavors daily ranging from the traditional to the exotic, all using fresh ingredients. Mitchell's dedication to quality has led to it's stellar reputation and success over the years and they continue to grow their fanbase in the city. 

One of the Bay Area's best kept secrets!

​Stop by Enter The Café for a Weekend treat from Baker Doe!  The epitome of Asian-French fusion, Baker Doe takes the pastry game to the next level with unique creations such as Salted Duck Yolk Custard Croissants, Coconut-Ginger Double Baked Croissants, Strawberry-Rhubarb Vanilla Pastry Cream Danishes, and Matcha Lava Tarts. 

Follow Baker Doe on Facebook and Instagram for immediate notifications of the offerings for their weekly Sunday deliveries (they tend to sell out quickly!)

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